Design Undangan Nikah Format Cdr Free Donlowd [TOP]

Design Undangan Nikah Format Cdr Free Donlowd [TOP]


Design Undangan Nikah Format Cdr Free Donlowd

Download Template Undangan Pernikahan Rcdr.
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Debugging a JavaScript object – how to traverse the properties and values?

I have JavaScript object with a number of properties. I’d like to be able to step through the object and see what each property and value is. I know I can do this in the Chrome console window by doing the following:
object = new Object() // create an object
object.prop1 = ‘value1’ // set property prop1 to ‘value1’
object.prop2 = ‘value2’ // set property prop2 to ‘value2’
object.prop3 = ‘value3’ // set property prop3 to ‘value3’
object.prop4 = ‘value4’ // set property prop4 to ‘value4’
object.prop5 = ‘value5’ // set property prop5 to ‘value5’
object.prop6 = ‘value6’ // set property prop6 to ‘value6’

There are several different ways to display the same object property that I would like to see. Is there a good way to do this in an automated way? I’m a newbie so forgive my naivete.
The question is: how to automate this in JavaScript? The object could be of any depth and number of properties so I don’t want to have to manually list all the properties.


In browser Javascript there are two options:

Browser debugger: you can use your browser debugger (either Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools), and look at properties/values in the Console.
Use console.log(): you can simply write a statement in the console, like

and you’ll be able to inspect what’s inside the object.

If you want to execute some line of code in a browser, and watch the output, use document.location.href to redirect to


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