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Download Bili Bidadari Book Pdf.A group of 100 immigration activists dressed in safety vests and goggles have occupied a Los Angeles border crossing.

The activists, who marched in silence for 30 minutes, are holding a “die-in” and demanding Border Patrol reform and an end to “inhumane treatment” by the agency.

The group – comprised of people from Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador – believe there is “no justification for inhumane treatment at the borders”.

The activists are holding the demonstration on the South El Monte, California, border near the Campo Marte compound, where the previous occupant, Luis Bracamontes, is serving multiple life sentences for killing two people.

He was paroled from a prison in California after a judge refused to deport him back to Mexico, where he faces a separate trial on murder charges.

Bracamontes was captured after entering the US from Mexico in a stolen Dodge Ram pickup truck.

During the demonstration the group released some birds and balloons inside the camp – meant to resemble the US flag – and held signs calling for the end to family separations, gun control and an end to deportation.

A sign called for an end to deportations held by an immigration activist group at a protest on the border with Mexico (Reuters)

Another sign read: “No more separation families”.

The group says that on average the El Paso sector of the US border with Mexico separates 1,100 children from their parents per month.

A Border Patrol union claims that the number is 800 per month.

The activists say that more than 50,000 undocumented immigrants were taken from their families last year alone.

They are calling for an end to family separations, which they say is a “tragedy”.

The protestors are also calling for an end to the use of tear gas and rubber bullets and are

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