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For what it’s worth, I’ve got a Lululemon shirt that fits me pretty well, so I’ve been skeptical. Maybe it just needs a little bit of time.

First of all, the shorts are nowhere near as comfortable as pantyhose. You can’t stop them from riding up and riding down as you move. Not very flattering on a tall, skinny girl.

Yes, you can probably find non-pantyhose that are a better fit and more comfortable than this, but are they as sexy?

And, the crotch seam is also an issue, as well as the lack of leg openings. You can easily hide a panty line between the legs and the shorts, but the sides are too long, so you are showing a bulge.

And there’s no crotch length. Plus, the construction has that new-panty look about it. There is no separation of the bottom of the shorts and the top of the panty.

There are way better shorts for $45. They are soft, have a better cut, a much better fit, and the right amount of leg opening. These are flat out horrible. It’s like a cross between a training panty and a teenage girl’s short.

Can you imagine telling your daughter that you bought her a pair of pantyhose that are basically a training panty? She will not be proud. But, hey, who cares because these are hot?

Well, for an athletic girl, the fit is bad. And the crotch seam is close enough to the labia that it looks like you have a pussy hanging between your legs. Even if you aren’t a high-school cheerleader, you do not want anyone to see your crotch seam, because it looks way gross.

The fabric also doesn’t lay flat. You can see the panty line when you bend over. They ride up and down.

There is no crotch length. There are no leg openings. But look how hot it is!

Of course, there are positives to these shorts. The nylon is soft and comfortable, but they do ride up and down, especially if you have some meat on your thighs.

However, it is a very sexy panty that makes your ass look amazing. Plus, the pattern is attractive, the crotch seam is sexy, and the cut makes your legs look cut and lean. The bottoms are nicely shaped.

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