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The 1.8TB external hard drive from Western Digital has a capacity of 1.8TB, and it is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. The drive features a 5,400rpm spindle speed and 16MB cache, and it comes with a USB 3.1 interface. In addition, the drive boasts hot-plugging, hardware encryption, automatic backup and recovery, and it is enterprise-tested.

In general, WD external hard drives are of good quality and are robust, and their reliability is high. In some models, there are advanced features such as a smart features, intelligent data backup, and a data loss prevention. The cluttered design of these drives has a simple, modern appearance and a glossy finish.







So, was Adobe successful in providing a stable, capable update for its long-time users? Is Lightroom 5 likely to attract new customers, who previously avoided what may be considered a Camera RAW plugin dressed in a suit of extra functionality? In this article, I will review the latest version of Lightroom and discuss its newly gained features in detail. I will also talk about what could have been better in Lightroom 5 so as to, by the end of the article, help you make up your mind whether purchasing or upgrading to this popular piece of software is beneficial to you.

Initially, software reviews often involve going over user-friendly features. Even though Lightroom 5 is distributed as a 64-bit application, the app is still inquisitively designed. This makes it easy for inexperienced users to understand what it offers. A large number of new features and upgrades make up the bulk of the new tool, starting from the new «panorama» support and new «options» tab. I would say that this was a good change and a clever addition. The new panorama feature lets you make use of larger, larger images, and greatly reduces the need for cropping and trimming. Just as I had expected, the new options functionality in Lightroom 5 is a lot better organized and more intuitive than in previous versions. But, as I mentioned earlier, there were several important things that, in my opinion, have not been 100% covered. The most notable, though not a bug itself, is the missing Video Capture feature. I believe that we have all come to love this tool in action, so it is a bit untimely that it is not in Adobe’s latest release.

The Lens Blur filter is a desktop-only lens blur style that blurs images with subtle blurring based on the distance of the subject from the lens. The Lens Blur filter is the perfect companion for images that are pin sharp but the subject of the picture is a little too far away to get the blur effect we want.

The Perspective Warp tool can be used to change the perspective of an image. This is a great way to make images appear as if you are looking down a hallway making the images have the same perspective as if they were taken from a specific angle. In Photoshop this tool’s native resolution is 1200 x 1200 pixels but with the extensions installed is can be set to a higher resolution. It’s important to remember however that this tool will work best with square images.

The Gradient Map tool is one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop, as it allows you to map gradients over a specific layer sequence. The different modes of gradient mapping give you different tools for varying types of gradients.

The Oil slick tool is a recent addition to Photoshop and it allows you to create easy workable splatter effects on images. Using the tool you can combine a number of different techniques in order to produce a more authentic looking splattering effect.

If you’re interested in creating your own workflow and automation processes, then PhotoAcute is an AI-driven automation manager that frees you from the daily grind of repetitive tasks. Help yourself in finding interesting subjects and send them to the PhotoAcute AI engine for automated shooting. PhotoAcute will then efficiently organize content and enable you to focus on creating.


Cutting tools are the main tools used to trim, cut, or insert content within an image. This book contains practical color and composition choices, real world examples of the use of the different tools available in Photoshop, and an explanation of how to use the most powerful tools in order to create the best images possible.

One of the most important features in Photoshop is selection, which allows you to easily select different elements within an image. In this book, the author teaches the key selection tools available in Photoshop, how to effectively utilize them, and when to use them.

Adobe Photoshop got all the admirers as its latest update features have expanded and more people have adopted Photoshop than ever. These people love to work with the latest upgrades they got inside the program. But, with each new feature an upgrade is released. That’s why we are here to tell more about our favorite features of Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, there are many options available to get and enhance the efficiency of this program with all latest upgrades.

Adobe Photoshop for designing a resume or cover letter remains most popular among people designing resumes and cover letters. A professional resume maker lets you create a resume or letter in minutes without professional knowledge. It helps you create and tailor a resume in ways you never imagined before. You can also take advantage of dozens of other features for your resume.

You can easily perform color adjustments and enhancements with the fine control brush tool in Photoshop. It is comprised of a series of small dots at the tip of a pen with which you can apply different areas and thickness of color anywhere on a photo or image. This enables you to adjust colors, effects, and even create new artistic effects.

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The Magic Wand tool is extremely fast, powerful and efficient way to edit and retouch your images. Use the Magic Wand Tool to select areas of similar color in an image, and automatically lock it to that color. Blend modes in Photoshop are very useful for photo editing. Learn more about Photoshop Blend Modes .

Adobe’s high-quality vector graphics suite is the best way to create professional-level graphics quickly. To make it even easier to design with, Adobe introduced a new vector tool: the Pencil tool. It makes it easier to draw and design.

The New Retouch Interface appear in paint-like layers human-editable, thus facilitating the correction of all visual defects that occur, for example, due to overexposure, shallow depth of field, and the improper selection of edges. Additionally, retouch layers are acrylfoil (Photoshop Glossy) or can be masked even with Photoshop Glossy.

Coloring and modeling programs help you to create images of realistic realism. You should learn all their secrets and be able to put them into practice. When you open a.pmd (Processing) file, it can evoke the impressions it makes on our emotions. But there is also information that is hard to explain in words, such as a white balance or the retouch color.

If you can’t master a basic photo editing task like cropping, cutting, or adjusting brightness and contrast, then don’t get too excited about the new-features list for Adobe Photoshop. But if you do want to learn the finer nuances of the software, read on. To get the gift de jour, check out the roundup of the 35 Best Photoshop Contests of 2019!

5. Photo Shop 2019 is a Photoshop CS6 style editor for the modern, mobile world. Elements provides most of the core photo editing features from Photoshop, like transforming, retouching, and composite images.

Adobe Photoshop comes with many features that are aimed at professional users. This include the use of powerful layers with easy-to-use commands, sophisticated editing tools and advanced algorithms that process entire images. There is a large learning curve for new users to get up and running. Where things get more complicated, is in the number and complexity of editing tools. For example, the filter tool has so much built-in capability that it’s hard to avoid confusion. As a result, some buyers walk out of the store with a digital photo editor but not a good understanding of how Photoshop filters work.

Blair Williams and Aaron Koblin started contributing to design websites in the mid-1990s with a goal to create a Web-based environment that respected the best traditions of printed design. In 1997, Williams and Koblin teamed up and created the first image-editing website—a rational, clear, museumlike environment where users could sift through hundreds of layouts created for “the book”—the respected graphic-design journal they edited. Though they considered themselves graphic designers, they had little experience editing photos. They wanted to create such a neat, polished system, they decided to hire a photographer who had real-world experience to help them develop the program.

With so many powerful features in Photoshop, your work can’t just be limited just because of its price tag. Unlike the other applications having a small number of expensive features, Photoshop has a large amount of features to offer.

The features that Photoshop has to offer are by itself worth buying this software. Photoshop allows users to design, develop, and retouch photos on most digital format of images. It allows them to use their skills to create and publish quality images faster. Although Photoshop doesn’t have the tools to be compared to the best GIMP, it is the most powerful tool that can edit/convert, correct, and simulate almost anything.

Although the application has fewer features than are offered by other image editing applications, the capabilities that Photoshop does offer are amazing, and your creativity can be revitalized by using them. You also get features that most other image editors don’t have such as the Layer Mask feature. The Layer Mask provides the feature to show exposed and unexposed portions of the layers. Another powerful feature is the non-destructive feature, which allows you to paint directly over the masked layer and still transparently remove the covered portions of the layer while leaving the underlying pixels untouched. Photoshop also doesn’t restrict you from using any of the features of this software. It allows you to use the features as your desire and have control over the settings, appearance, and behavior of every feature in a layer.

Many of you are probably familiar with Lightroom and Photoshop. They are two of Adobe’s most popular photography apps, used by many of the biggest photographers around. You could rightly say that they are two of the most important apps in the Adobe Creative Suite. One of the biggest features in both Photoshop and Lightroom is their many features that help with colour correction. It doesn’t matter if you are out and about or at home, Photoshop and Lightroom can give the average user the ability to create and enhance great, rich, vibrant and lookeable images. 700+ features are available in Lightroom and Photoshop that will help you enhance your photos, get stunning results that look professional and allow you to share your images. From retouching, masking, grading, and finishing you’ll be able to get the ultimate look for your photos in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Adobe has recently announced the new feature releases for Photoshop for 2021, as well as a range of new additions to Photoshop Elements. On Photoshop, there’s a number of new and exciting features, including reimagined filters powered by Adobe Sensei, which allow you to change the direction of a person’s gaze in seconds (it’s pretty trippy stuff!).

Adobe Creative Suite is a suite of software applications developed by Adobe Systems for professional publishers, educators, artists and other professionals in graphic design, web design, photography, video and print. The program includes applications developed by Adobe for print and design, architects, video, photography, multimedia, and general purpose. It also includes products developed by Adobe for inclusion into Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Channel.

How to Choose Adobe Photoshop Elements? If you’re looking for an advanced, easy-to-use software for editing pictures, photo effects, and retouching images, Adobe Photoshop Elements is one of the most professional and easy to use utilities for digital imaging. You can do a variety of activities like cropping, making corrections, and compressing images. It also has an option to more advanced editing functions like retouching, image composition, and creative retouching.

Little has changed since the last version. The software ran fine when it was brand new. This version is a nice update that makes it work even better with the Mac. It’s still by far the best photo editing software.

Photo editing software unlike many complex graphics editing software tends to easier to start with. Lets say you don’t have much knowledge of using the software, you will save a lot of time for the setup process. All you need to do is having a decent idea of what photo editing means and which software to use to achieve the desired output.

While third-party software has advanced significantly over the last eight years, Photoshop has become faster and better to use. There’s no reason to stick with your old editing method when a new program is more powerful and intuitive.

Photo editing software editing process including optimizer, exposure, clarity, adjust, and color correction. The most of them is routine, which you don’t really need to worry about until your become an expert. Editing software come different settings to adjust, based on your mood, whether you are having fun or not. Photo editing template are useful to save time. You just need to format it and then use the template as the base to start editing.

Elements contains a host of useful tools that won’t break the bank, including Lasso & Masks, Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush, Quick Mask, Free Transform, Jagged Line, and Pen (and Stroke) tools. Copy & Paste are now more powerful, including tools to cut out selected portions of an image.

Just like Elements, Photoshop is built for both casual users and hard-core professionals alike. It also contains a host of powerful tools that are sure to impress anyone who tries them out, including powerful selection tools, powerful Adjustment tools, powerful Liquify tools, and more.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It also works on devices such as tablets and smartphones. The version of Photoshop is also available on the web.

From top to bottom, Photoshop is a game-changer for image editing. It offers powerful tools for manipulating the look of your photos, starting with basic adjustments to enhance color, exposure, brightness, contrast, and other fundamentals.

Much of the graphic design world has its eyes set on Photoshop, and millions of owners already use it to make flyers, brochures, web pages, magazine covers, and more. In fact, you can’t be a serious graphic designer without this image-manipulation powerhouse.

Photoshop continues to improve upon its embrace of the digital world, even as it keeps adapting to new platforms and technologies. Though some newer features are available only on the CS6 and CC versions, you can get the software and its add-on tools for free. Creative Cloud members receive five months of a full-version license.

The Pinterest plug-in is now a new partner for Adobe XD. Once inside the designer tool, you can drag and drop assets, from popular formats, such as PSD, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, DAE, PDF, SVG, InDesign and EPS. Users also have access to several advanced enhancements this spring. With the help of Adobe Sensei, Adobe XD can now conduct a powered facial analysis, analyze images for the presence of objects, supports vector layers, as well as more.

Adobe has also announced Support for the new Third-Party Unreal Engine Marketplace. This means that users can now download premium levels for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and view in the Adobe Store. Adobe Sync Pro features a new feature called Adobe Tagged Image Files, which automatically tags photos and photos taken in Fuji RAW that were previously tagged by users. In Adobe Discover, Adobe Sensei AI helps users to discover new and interesting content, based on their preferences. Also, users can add comments to favorite content, view coming soon content and suggest content to a network of over 35 million people. The latest version of Photoshop has been made available to download on the Adobe website.

On Photoshop Elements, the Photo Repair tool has an all new website with added functions. The tool can now fix a wide range of image defects including cracks, lost images, dirty Masks, drop-outs, and watermarks. The tool can also analyze red eyes with high accuracy and now guarantees that Photoshop Elements will fix them all. You can also now turn your pen into a brush, allowing you to use AI-powered auto-handwriting track for corrections. Along with the Photo Repair tool, Photoshop Elements will also add new features like the Free Transform function – a shortcut tool for users to turn an object into other shapes like circles, squares or cubes without resizing it. The new Shape finder in Photoshop Elements’ Adjustment Layers will help you detect if an object is an existing object or not. The Photo search feature lets you search for images located in the XMP metadata field. You can now insert search results in a few clicks.

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