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You might also like.. Sumiko Kiyooka Photograph Kikoku .Hours before their rally at Trump Tower turned violent Saturday night, supporters of the Republican front-runner attacked a protesters marching nearby, punching and kicking them even as authorities looked on.

Trump supporters punched dozens of people they encountered at Trump Tower, the epicenter of Trump’s Manhattan campaign headquarters, during a march by Code Pink protesters Saturday night. The melee was reported just minutes before the candidate took the stage for a victory rally.

The demonstrators chanted, “Trump makes America great,” as they marched through the lobby of the Manhattan skyscraper. Police on the scene made no arrests, but several told The Post that they were beaten by the marchers.

“At one point, this guy lifted his hand and said, ‘Don’t touch me,’ ” one officer said of a man who assaulted a female protester.

“They started pushing us,” said Charles Jordan, who said he was beaten at the hands of the conservative protesters. “The lady was getting punched in the face,” he said, referring to a female protester.

“I tried to grab her and she tried to pull away. We were like in a fistfight,” Jordan said.

Another officer said he didn’t see the actual punches but heard the sounds of what he described as “people being assaulted.”

“It’s gotten absolutely out of hand,” the officer said, who declined to give his name.

Jordan called the scuffle “absolutely insane.”

“This is not what democracy is all about,” he said. “That’s why I came to protest, because I believe in the constitution.”

Another Trump supporter, Dan Mese, said he was called racist after he punched a Code Pink protester who grabbed him.

“I just wanted him to let go,” said Mese, who lives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

“Now it’s gotten out of hand,” he added


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