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To determine the best therapy for mild to severe ectopic pregnancy in the second trimester of pregnancy. Systematic review. At review, eight randomised controlled trials and three meta-analyses were identified describing the treatment options for ectopic pregnancy in the second trimester of pregnancy. The first trial (n = 214) compared methotrexate with laparoscopic excision of ectopic pregnancy. The second trial (n = 150) compared methotrexate with laparoscopy and fetal evacuation. The third trial (n = 80) compared methotrexate with excision and plication. The fourth trial (n = 55) compared methotrexate with sonohysterosalpingography and ovarian drilling. The fifth trial (n = 446) compared methotrexate with expectant management. The sixth trial (n = 835) compared methotrexate with prostaglandin, laparoscopic excision of ruptured ectopic pregnancy and methotrexate. The seventh trial (n = 125) compared methotrexate with methotrexate and ovarian drilling. The eighth trial (n = 283) compared methotrexate with excision of ruptured ectopic pregnancy and laparoscopic excision of ectopic pregnancy. There were insufficient data on pain relief and length of hospital stay to assess these outcomes. There is insufficient evidence from randomised controlled trials to determine the safest and most effective therapy for ectopic pregnancy in the second trimester of pregnancy.On the function of flatworms on vertical marine sediment microbial respiration: a three-year field test.
In marine sediments, hypoxia is associated with high rates of organic matter degradation. Hypoxia might also be caused by a grazing pressure in the hypoxic zone, since the marine flatworms (Tricladida) are known to be efficient consumers of organic matter. The impact of flatworms on the vertical degradation of organic matter in the sediment depends on their location in the sediment, their oxygen demand, their feeding rate and the location of their









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